Dealing With Custom Tags

This code erases existing custom tags and sets new ones.

TXXX is a type of list, eyed3 does weird things with attributes and unfortunately I could not figure out how to simply = [] without errors.

Word of Warning. Custom tags are APPENDED to on each tag.save(), as such if you want to modify or rewrite a tag, you need to delete the existing tag and rewrite it.

In my case and as demonstrated below, I clear all existing custom tags and rewrite my own.

import eyed3
from eyed3.id3.frames import UserTextFrame

af = eyed3.load(file_path)

# Clear existing tags.
if b'TXXX' in af.tag.frame_set:

# Ensure TXXX exists in the frame_set. You must set at least one tag to initialize it.
if b'TXXX' not in af.tag.frame_set:
    af.tag.frame_set[b'TXXX'] = UserTextFrame(b'TXXX', description="MY_CUSTOM_TAG", text="My Custom Data!")

# After you've set at least one custom tag (or at least one pre-existed), 
# you can then treat it like a normal list
    UserTextFrame(b'TXXX', 'ORIG_TITLE', original_title),
    UserTextFrame(b'TXXX', 'ORIG_ARTIST', original_artist),
    UserTextFrame(b'TXXX', 'ORIG_ALBUM_ARTIST', original_album_artist),

Passing Date object to recording_date returns error


import eyed3
from eyed3.core import Date

af = eyed3.load(file_path)

# This will return an error because the formatting eyed3 uses interprets 0405 as a year format and not month/day.
af.tag.recording_date = Date(2021, 4, 5)

# eyed3/id3/tag.py line 558 within _setRecordingDate as of 2021-01-27 shows:

self._setDate(b"TDAT", date_str)

# Change it to 
self._setDate(b"TDAT", date)